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* write up my solutionsHEADmasterMichael Abed2012-01-31-0/+0
* handle x^0Michael Abed2012-01-31-0/+5
* get rid of needless thingsMichael Abed2012-01-31-3/+2
* multiply by 1 worksMichael Abed2012-01-31-5/+3
* delete test.asmMichael Abed2012-01-31-3/+0
* make exponents actually workMichael Abed2012-01-31-16/+19
* 3 now uses 61-70 also make it functionalMichael Abed2012-01-31-17/+17
* make it smallerMichael Abed2012-01-31-6/+2
* handle mult by 0 (by 1 still broken)Michael Abed2012-01-31-4/+11
* correctly handle blank linesMichael Abed2012-01-31-1/+5
* Fix register namingMichael Abed2012-01-29-7/+7
* Arguments to mov were reversedMichael Abed2012-01-29-4/+4
* je and jne had their opcodes reversed... whoopsMichael Abed2012-01-29-2/+2
* Label count should be updated after address is computedMichael Abed2012-01-29-1/+1
* fix register number and label address calculationMichael Abed2012-01-29-4/+3
* initial commitMichael Abed2012-01-27-0/+204